Because someone has to be the first

Munax Oy is an environmentally conscious and responsibly operating food company that is certified with the Finnish Avainlipuu and Hyvää Suomesta certificate. We have taken egg product development to a new level and developed many new and innovative award-winning foods from eggs. Check out our selection and find new favorite products.


Munax Oy is the most versatile egg house in Finland in terms of product selection and scope. We quickly deliver ready-made or customized eggs and egg products according to the customer's needs. We offer all egg products under one roof and deliver to, for example, professional kitchens, hotel, restaurant and catering kitchens.

Nature's nutritional hero

Did you know that the amazingly versatile egg contains 13 essential nutrients in one delicious package? Eggs are a healthy and readily available food source for people at all stages of life.